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The national campaign to raise awareness of congenital heart diseases among students

A unique health initiative across the Arab world and the Middle East


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It is a campaign through which we work to conduct a set of medical examinations in order to discover cases of congenital heart defects among our students, and to carry out awareness campaigns about the dangers of congenital heart diseases and how to prevent them, by doing the following:


The launch of the (Protection and Prevention) campaign in all state schools is considered the first of its kind locally and in the Arab world. The campaign will include educational lectures, consultations, and free medical examinations for diseases that have a direct connection with the heart, such as doing sonar to know the state of the heart’s health, as well as doing ECG and blood pressure measurement. Blood, body fat percentage, sugar and cholesterol, determining the extent to which a person is likely to develop congenital heart disease, conducting training courses for school health professionals, conducting seminars, meetings, television and press interviews, and distributing brochures and videos to raise awareness of the risks of congenital heart disease, its risk factors, and how to prevent it.

Categories benefiting from the project




Targeting all students from three to eighteen years of age in all areas, UAE schools, regardless of their sporting status

Young athletes up to 21 years of age

Target young athletes (up to 21 years of age) by conducting screening in gyms and sports facilities

Children, and young people at risk and their families

Identifying individuals at risk and following up on the file and health history of all family members

Executing Partners of the Campaign

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Emirates Red Crescent

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority is a voluntary humanitarian body that plays a supporting role to the official authorities in times of peace and war and provides aid and assistance to vulnerable groups without any discrimination. It was established on 1/31/1983 and gained international recognition by joining the Emirates Red Crescent Authority. International Federation of Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies in 1986

One of the strategic objectives of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority

Strengthening the Authority’s role in the areas of humanitarian work locally in health awareness and education


UAE Congenital Heart Association

The UAE Congenital Heart Association is a community initiative founded in 2019 and is the first public benefit organisation that cares about individuals who suffer from Challenges of congenital heart disease and their families

It is one of the strategic goals of the association.

Caring for and empowering individuals with congenital heart diseases and their families, and educating and raising community awareness about the diseases

Congenital heart

Follow these Steps to register in the program

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To Know More about the National campaign to raise awareness of congenital heart diseases for students Download Our Book

UAE Congenital Heart Association

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