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Together we can support each other for every heartbeat..!


About us

Caring Child

It is a public benefit organization that brings hope and empowers individuals with congenital heart disease and their families through improving the quality of public and healthy life: by increasing awareness, education, support, and advanced scientific research.

The  Congenital Heart Association is committed to making a difference in the lives of people with congenital heart disease and their families


our mission


Support and enable

Improving the quality of life for individuals with congenital heart disease and their families



Stimulating innovation in treatment services for congenital heart disease



inform the community about  future research projects 


Raise awareness

Improving public understanding about the congenital heart disease community 

Our commitment

  • Raising awareness of congenital heart disease in the community.

  • Educating community members about heart abnormalities and their effects.

  • Providing tools and resources to enable people with challenges with congenital heart disease to manage their condition and their families.

  • Providing direct support services to people with congenital heart disease challenges and their families to live with the disease

  • Providing community service needs for people with congenital heart disease, their families and caregivers.

  • Investigate and monitor scientific research worldwide for the treatment of congenital heart disease.

In order to achieve this, the association will work in cooperation with governmental, non-governmental and private agencies in the concerned country to achieve the five strategic directions that constitute enabling, supporting and strengthening cooperation between the concerned authorities, providing social services, increasing knowledge and advanced research, and raising awareness about congenital heart diseases.


Become a member

Join us and help deliver the voice of people with congenital heart disease challenges

Chairman's word


The UAE Congenital Heart Association aims to achieve high ambitions, and with sincere efforts, hard work and an insightful vision for the future, we can achieve them.


As the association paves the way for future generations, we focus on lifelong care for those affected and affected by congenital heart disease - from childhood to young adulthood. We are the voice of the congenital heart disease community and our preferred resource for our community of patients, their loved ones, and health service providers, as well as for the media, legislators and others.


We believe in empowering individuals with congenital heart disease by improving the quality of their life, ensuring access to the best health care, contributing to providing psychological, moral and social support for the best lifestyle, and coexisting with the health condition, by contributing to the development of appropriate public health policies and community services.


Early diagnosis and treatment of serious heart problems can save the lives of newborns. In fact, we seek to improve the system of early detection rates for congenital heart defects and raise awareness about congenital heart diseases among members of the community and how to prevent them; Help support and connect patients through lifelong congenital heart disease needs and advance congenital heart disease research. Here our work becomes critical, serious and essential in order to improve and change the lives of individuals affected by congenital heart disease and their families and to build a healthy community!


We look forward to making a huge difference to individuals living with challenges with congenital heart disease and their families, and we hope that all individuals affected by congenital heart defects will be able to live a safe and healthy life without restrictions - this is what motivates us and drives our work every day.”



Houria Ahmed Al Ahmad

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

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