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About Us

Caring Child

UAE-CHA is a nonprofit organization that exists to Inspiring hope and empowering for individuals with congenital heart disease through improving the quality of life and health outcomes: by raising awareness, advocacy, education, support and advancing research.


Our Target


Support & Enable

Improving the quality of life for individuals with congenital heart disease and their families



Encourage innovation in treatment services for congenital heart disease



Informing the community about future research projects


Raise awareness

Improving public understanding about the congenital heart disease community

Our Commitment

  • Raising awareness of congenital heart disease in the community.

  • Educating community members about heart abnormalities and their effects.

  • Providing tools and resources to enable people with challenges with congenital heart disease to manage their condition and their families.

  • Providing direct support services to people with congenital heart disease challenges and their families to live with the disease

  • Providing community service needs for people with congenital heart disease, their families, and caregivers.

  • Investigate and monitor scientific research worldwide for the treatment of congenital heart disease.

To achieve this, the association will work in cooperation with governmental, non-governmental, and private agencies in the concerned country to achieve the five strategic directions that constitute enabling, supporting, and strengthening cooperation between the concerned authorities, providing social services, increasing knowledge and advanced research, and raising awareness about congenital heart diseases.


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Chairman's word

UAE Congenital Heart Association aims high ambitions that are achievable with sincere and dedicated efforts. We believe in empowering individuals with congenital heart diseases by improving their quality of life, equal access to healthcare needs and contribute to providing psychological, moral and social support for their best lifestyle, living with the medical condition.


We enable ourselves to provide roadmap for these individuals, to ensure the ones who have been impacted by congenital heart defects receives the best health care.


Our mission is to save lives of people with congenital heart diseases.  Early diagnosis and treatment of serious heart problems can save new-borns lives and the fact is that we can genuinely help to improve the system of early detection rates of cardiac defects and raise awareness about congenital heart diseases amongst communities; assist them support and connect patients through their life-long CHD need and promote CHD research. Here our work becomes crucial and very vital for the betterment of healthy society and healthy nation!


We are able to make magnified difference for heart defect infected patients and their families, Our hope is that all children impacted by congenital heart defects (CHDs) can live long with healthy life – and this is what keeps us motivated and drives our work every single day.”


HE Huriya Ahmed Al Ahmed

Founder & Chairperson

Emarat Atrium Building

Sheikh Zayed Rd - Al Wasl - Dubai,

United Arab Emirates

2nd flour – office No. 225


Tel. 00971 4 222 0966

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UAE Congenital Heart Association

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